About a reservation

How can I make a reservation?
You can complete the procedure from “Reserve.”
What hours are available for the flight?
From 8:00 to 18:00, but a somewhat earlier or later flight might be acceptable. Feel free to contact us.
Are flights to other than Kyoto possible?
Yes. We have several heliports in Osaka, Kobe, Wakayama, etc.
How many days prior to the flight do I have to make the reservation?
We need to arrange staff, so please make a reservation by the day before the flight.
When is a reservation fixed?
Your reservation is fixed when your payment by bank transfer or a credit card is confirmed.
When should I make payment?
We request prepayment. You are asked to pay by bank transfer or a credit card within three business days from the day when you make a reservation.
Does a cancellation incur a fee?
If your flight is deemed impossible due to bad weather, etc., 100% of your payment will be refunded.
However, cancellations for personal reasons will incur a fee, unless you inform us no sooner than seven days prior to the date of the flight.
The day before or later: 100%
Up to two days before: 50%
Up to four days before: 30%
Up to seven days before: none

About our helicopters

How many passengers are allowed?
We have two types, for three and five passengers except the pilot.
Can I bring my baggage onto the helicopter?
You can if it is a hand baggage size. As for bigger ones such as a suitcase, please leave them with JAL ABC before boarding the helicopter.
Are helicopters chartered?
Yes, they are.
In what situation are flights cancelled?
They are cancelled if the safe operation might be endangered because of rainy weather, strong winds, etc. In this case, as soon as the decision is made to cancel the flight, we will inform you of it.
If my flight is cancelled, what will happen?
All of your payment will be refunded.

At the time of boarding

Can I have a conversation while on the flight?
You can through a headset. In the AS350, you can talk without a headset.
Can I eat and drink on the flight?
You are kindly asked to refrain from eating and drinking.
Can I use a smartphone on the flight?
Yes, you can use it as you like.
Can I bring a camera with me?
Yes, but limited to a handy camera.